Stray Voltage Litigation

Stray Voltage Litigation

Stray voltage, also called stray current, can cause substantial harm to a dairy or other farm by injuring livestock, suppressing milk production, increasing herd-health issues, decreasing efficiency, and decreasing reproduction rates. In many instances, stray voltage is caused by electricity leaking from the utility distribution line onto the farm’s wiring and water pipes. It can shock animals or humans that touch an electrified object, such as a water trough or metal in the animal housing area.

Our attorneys work with nationally-recognized stray voltage experts to determine whether stray voltage exists and whether it is caused by on-farm wiring or the utility distribution line. After identifying the problem, the experts work with you to develop a solution to remove stray voltage from leaking onto your farm. They can also testify about the cause of stray voltage and its effects on animals.

Hammarback Law Offices was one of the original legal pioneers to develop stray voltage claims in the mid-1980s. Since then, Hammarback Law Offices has litigated over one hundred stray voltage cases across the country. Our firm has extensive hands-on experience and knowledge about stray voltage and its financial impact on the family farm. Stray voltage causes financial damages in many ways, including decreased revenues from milk sales, increased costs to produce milk or animals, and genetic loss. Our attorneys and experts are very knowledgeable about lost profits and work with you and your financial advisors to determine your economic damages.

Never satisfied with the status quo, our attorneys are constantly innovating, researching, and adopting new litigation strategies. With thirty years of experience litigating stray voltage, our attorneys work tirelessly for you to obtain a favorable result.

If you suspect stray voltage is damaging your farm, contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

We had stray voltage on our family dairy farm which raises and milks registered Jersey cattle in northern Mississippi. We contacted Hammarback Law Offices to help us resolve the problematic stray voltage leaking from the local electrical utility lines near our farm and to recover economic damages.

We worked closely with the Hammarback team and found them to really care about our case and our cows. They spoke with us on a regular basis so we always knew what was happening with our case and answered all of our questions.

Since the cause of the stray voltage has been fixed, we have happy, healthy cows and our dairy continues to grow and prosper.

Brad and Carla Taylor

Taylor Jersey Farm, Booneville, Mississippi


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