Real estate litigation and transactions

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Real estate can be the most valuable asset people own. With this in mind, our attorneys carefully draft every deed, note, mortgage, or land contract to meet your specific needs and concerns. Every document is tailored so you can rest assured that your investment is protected.

Even with careful planning, real estate can be involved in a lawsuit. An ambiguous lease or land contract can lead to confusion. Property lines can be disputed or a neighbor might claim adverse possession. Fence lines on agriculture land must meet certain standards, and if they are not met, can cause serious problems for landowners and farmers. Real estate litigation can be complicated by numerous deeds, changing land use, neighbors, and stories that stretch back decades.

Our attorneys’ experience and firm understanding of real estate law can untangle these issues. Our attorneys practice a hands-on, proactive approach to litigation. They work with surveyors, research the property’s history, uncover the facts, and work with witnesses to present your best case.

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