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Family Law

A divorce, separation, child custody, or paternity action can be the most stressful situation in your life. The emotional toll on you and your family can be devastating. It’s very important when you are faced with difficult circumstances that you find an attorney with compassion and determination to guide you through a family crisis. Our attorneys strike the right balance between empathy and diligent representation throughout your case.

Our attorneys help you maintain clarity during a difficult separation, divorce, or child custody dispute. They work with the guardian ad litem, if one is appointed to represent your children’s best interest, and any professionals to tell your story and present your best case. These situations are also fluid and our attorneys will advise you when difficult situations arise.

If your divorce doesn’t include minor children, it can still be an emotionally difficult and painful process. Our attorneys listen to your needs and concerns and help you navigate through this difficult time.

If you recently separated from a long-term partner but were never married, your case may meet the criteria for unjust enrichment – a legal claim that may compensate you if your former partner retains an unjust amount of property. Since each case is different, contact our attorneys at 715.425.8180 to discuss any legal rights you have even if you were never married.

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