Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning and Probate

Estate planning can be overwhelming and confusing. Our attorneys can answer your questions about wills, trusts, guardianships, living wills, probate, and non-probate transfers as well as build your estate. A properly-drafted will or trust can provide you peace of mind knowing that your estate will be appropriately handled, that final expenses will be paid, and that your heirs will receive their proper share. A living will, health care power of attorney, or financial power of attorney can alleviate fears when you can no longer care for yourself.

Our attorneys provide you with comprehensive services to answer your questions and build the best estate plan and living will for your needs.

If you are named as a personal representative of an estate, our attorneys can help you with filing the proper documents, cataloguing the inventory, notifying creditors, distributing the assets, and closing the estate. If you are a trustee, our attorneys can assist you with your duties to administer the trust.

If you have questions about your own estate or if you need assistance as a personal representative or trustee, call our attorneys to set up a free consultation.



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