Criminal Defense and OWI

Criminal & OWI Defense

Upstanding citizens can sometimes find themselves charged with a crime such as assault, battery, disorderly conduct, drug possession, or drunk driving (OWI or OUI). A criminal defense case can cause substantial stress and hardship on you and your family. The process can be confusing and intimidating. Constitutional issues can have a substantial impact on your case.

You may have practical concerns about jail, probation, diversion programs, drug court, work release, ignition interlock devices (IID), and drug tests. Our attorneys can help you navigate the criminal justice system if you have been charged with a crime or OWI. They diligently review the facts of the case, research applicable statutory and Constitutional law, and advise clients about their options. Our attorneys also help and answer the practical questions that arise to help ease the impact of a criminal case. Diversion programs that are available vary greatly by county, crime charged, and other factors. Our attorneys’ local knowledge of each county’s programs assists you finding the right solution that may also address any chemical dependency or mental health issues.

If you have been charged with a crime or with an OWI and have questions about your Constitutional rights or the case’s impact on your life, contact Hammarback Law Offices to schedule a free consultation.



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