Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law

The complexity of modern farming can, unfortunately, also lead to financially-damaging problems. For example, an improperly installed milking system, negligently maintained electrical distribution system, and bad feed can all cause substantial damage to your farm. Whether you are grappling with a complaint from the Department of Agriculture, involved with the Public Service Commission, involved with a lawsuit, contemplating an appeal, or trying to solve a milk production problem, Hammarback Law Offices can help you.

Untreatable mastitis, unexplained decreases in milk production, and poor reproduction or high cull rates can indicate an unresolved underlying problem. In many instances, these symptoms can be caused by outside factors that you cannot control. Another party might be responsible. Our attorneys work with leading experts to uncover the truth and help you determine if litigation is the appropriate business decision.

If you choose to litigate, our knowledgeable lawyers are well-equipped to untangle the most complicated farm issue. Our lawyers work with skilled experts from across the country in a variety of fields to solve agriculture problems and testify about the facts in your case. Specialized veterinarians, electrical engineers, electricians, nutritionists, equipment technicians, statisticians, private detectives, and economists can assist in solving your problem. Our attorneys’ experience with technical agricultural and animal-health matters, lengthy trials, and multifaceted appeals help get your farm back on track and present the best possible case.

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