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Stray Voltage

Litigating stray voltage cases for over twenty-five years

Agricultural Law

Helping farmers solve complex problems


Defending your Constitutional rights

Estate and Probate Law

Building your estate and helping with probate and trust administration


Helping parties resolve their disputes

Family Law

Supporting you during the most stressful family situations


Business Law

Helping small business owners create, build, and protect their company

Real Estate Law

Defining and protecting your property


Frequently Asked Questions

Every case is unique and every client has different concerns. If you have questions about your situation, it is best to speak with an attorney who can discuss how the law applies to you. Our initial consultations are always free and can help guide you on what to do next.

Why should I hire an attorney?

Attorneys have extensive education, training, and experience in the legal system to provide you advice, argue the law, and tell your story. Representing yourself can jeopardize your case because the law can be very complicated and emotions can interfere with presenting your case.

How much are initial consultations?

Our initial consultations are always free and can be set up by calling 715.425.8180.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

That depends on the specific case. Some cases are billed by the hour and others are contingent on the outcome. Contact our attorneys at 715.425.8180 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with everybody; farmers, small business owners, and individuals from Wisconsin and Minnesota.

“Even in the most difficult situations, hard work and persistence will produce a favorable result.”

Barry Hammarback

Founder, Attorney at Law, Hammarback Law Offices, S.C.

The attorneys and staff at Hammarback Law Offices were very professional, courteous, and prompt when they worked on our stray voltage case. They worked very hard to determine the cause of the stray voltage and its economic impact on our registered Jersey dairy farm.

Brad and Carla Taylor

Taylor Jersey Farm, Booneville, Mississippi

“Every client has a story; it’s my job to guarantee that story is supported and persuasively communicated.”

David Sienko

Attorney at Law, Hammarback Law Offices, S.C.

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